A little about myself:

I was born on July, 31st, 1964 in the hot steppes of Altay territory in Russia, but I do not remember

anything from that time, for in infancy my family has moved to a Ukrainian city of Sumy. Here I have

graduated from school and National Art Studio at National Methodical Center. My teacher was Boris

Borisovich Danchenko, and I am very proud of that. He taught artists to be themselves and to have a

careful attitude towards our own private world, experience of which no technical skills can replace. I

have an artist certificateand a designer diploma. I create color and black-white graphic art. I work

with "Prismacolor" pencils, adding fine liner, acrylics, and color ball and gel pens. From 1997 to

2003 I was engaged in graphic design in printing industry. As of 2005 I am working with acrylics.

With great pleasure I take interest in photography. In 1985 my boy, Vadim, was born, and in 1987

my girl, Alexandra, was born. I immensely Love both of them. In September of 2004 I have moved

to the city of Niagara Falls, Canada, having a wonderful opportunity to see one of the most amazing

places of this planet - The Niagara falls. In June of 2005 my family and I have moved to Hamilton -

the manufacturing centre of Canada.

Child's curiosity to butterflies, people, flowers, giraffes and to everything alive on this planet,

thank God, remains in me and on nowadays. Strangely enough, only after set of losses

and shocks, a wonderful color perception and figurative vision of the world created by

the Lord has opened in me. An aid in that were the words of God as well as simple

female love, and my drawings have helped me to show my feelingsto people.A seeming

pallor and illegibility of my works can only be explained by my wish to draw Light without

emphasizing it with shadows.

For further information email me at: sd_sunflower@hotmail.com, svetlana@sdsunflower.com.

I thank you for your attention.

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